Engine Oil Filter

*Included in 5-Star Oil Change

A very important step in changing your oil is replacing the oil filter. Remember, the oil filter holds all the excess sludge and grime that the oil catches while lubricating the engine. Changing the filter is vital to car maintenance because without a new oil filter in place, new engine oil will be passing through the old filter, making it dirty and less effective.

Engine Air Filter

There are a number of benefits to changing your Engine Air Filter regularly; better gas mileage, reduced emissions, improved acceleration, increased engine life and overall improved drive-ability. For each gallon of fuel burned, the engine uses up to 10,000 gallons of air; thus why it is easy to understand how vital a clean air filter is to the proper operation of a car. A good judge of whether you need a new air filter is to hold the filter up to a light. If you can’t see any light through it, the filter needs to be replaced.

Cabin Air Filter

Changing your cabin air filter is an important part of regular vehicle maintenance and one that can not only help improve the circulation and performance of your air conditioning system, but one that can also help improve the quality of air that is circulated through your car. A dirty cabin air filter can cause your air conditioner to run less efficiently, which will waste horsepower. It will also decrease the amount of air flow into the passenger compartment. Both of these conditions will result in higher temperatures in the passenger compartment and the air conditioner having to work harder than it really needs to.

Changing the cabin air filter in your vehicle is not only important from a maintenance perspective, but also helps ensure the safety of the passengers in your vehicle…especially during and after the fire seasons we get here.

AC System Cleaning

Many people don’t pay attention to the quality of air in the cabin of their vehicle. Things like pollen, dust and ash from the fire season travel into the cabin of your vehicle and can make riding in a car unpleasant. In addition to having your cabin air filter changed regularly, an AC System Cleaning helps clean out the nooks and crannies of the AC system and will immediately counteract odors caused by mold, fungus and mildew in a pleasing spearmint fragrance. It has no CFC’s or other ozone depleting substances and effectively cleans and refreshes the entire evaporator assembly instantly. We use an ultra foam evaporator cleaner and an odor eliminator that goes through the ducts in the vehicle. The whole service takes about 20 minutes.

Fuel Filter

Fuel filters are placed on the fuel line between the gas tank and engine. If contaminants are allowed to enter the fuel tank they can quickly spread to the rest of the fuel system, and the result could be thousands of dollars in costly repairs. Investing in a quality fuel tank filter and checking the filter regularly for blockage, is one of the best ways to keep the fuel system clean. New fuel filters are recommended every 15,000 miles, or once a year. They increase fuel economy, preserve the life of the fuel pump and help if the engine has a rough idle.