A transmission has more moving parts and fails more often than an engine does. This is mostly because transmissions do not get serviced as often as they should. Conventional transmission service removes only a small portion of the old contaminated fluid. The large amount of old fluid leftover (approximately 70%) contaminates the new fluid making the service less effective and causing new deposits to form more quickly. Deposits build up in the transmission and prevent fluid from being cooled properly. This excessive heat will eventually lead to an early transmission failure.

Regular transmission maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer is an important way to help prevent expensive repairs. It will also help extend the life of your transmission. We recommend servicing your transmission every 36 months or every 30,000 miles. This will ensure that the fluid doesn’t get depleted and stop lubricating the clutches, metals and components inside of the transmission.

Symptoms of contaminated transmission fluid include shifting problems, overheating, frequent towing and stop & go problems.

How can our skilled technicians help?

  • Thoroughly flush transmission cooler, valve body & torque converter.
  • New transmission fluid will be pumped into the transmission.
  • Transmission protector, conditioner and sealer will be added to the system to maintain optimum shifting characteristics and protect against wear and high temperature breakdown.